If you came across a weed stash that was thousands of years old, would you light it up?

Cannabis is as ancient as the dinosaurs. It’s been used by different ethnicities around the world for thousands of years, playing different roles in different cultures. In Czechoslovakia, a hemp rope dating back to 26,900 BC was discovered a decade ago and was associated with the economic activities of the people at that place in that time. European farmers grew cannabis sativa for rope, canvas, and clothing. On the other hand, farmers in central Asia and Siberia grew cannabis ruderalis as cattle fodder. Ancient India and China used cannabis indica for medical purposes. But did ancient cultures use it recreationally? Researchers couldn’t be sure. However, a recent discovery in northern Asia has proven that indeed the oldies were getting stoned on cannabis, too.

2700 Year Old Weed Stash Found in Yanghai Tombs

Researchers recently discovered a weed stash in the Yanghai tombs in northern China. A 2,700 year old grave of a light haired Caucasian male, probably in his forties, contained the preserved THC-rich ground bud. Researchers believe that the man must have been a Shaman from the ancient Gushi culture of the Turpan Basin.

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