Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb has called for the legalisation of the substance

Norman Lamb, a Liberal Democrat MP and former health minister, has spoken about buying and using cannabis oil to relax himself before an important meeting as part of a BBC documentary about the legalisation of the drug in Canada.

Lamb visited Canada with the Labour MP David Lammy and the Conservative MP Jonathan Djanogly for the programme to learn about the effects of cannabis in Canada, where recreational use of the drug is legal.

As part of the documentary for BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, he bought and sampled cannabis oil, before flushing the rest of it down the toilet before his return flight to the UK.

The cannabis oil tried by Lamb contains compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a psychoactive ingredient that makes it different and more potent than the legal cannabidiol (CBD oil). It can be prescribed for medicinal use but is difficult to access and parents have had difficulty importing it for their epileptic children.

Lamb, a long-term advocate of the legalisation of cannabis and who previously tried the drug as a student, told the programme: “Taking this oil is purely for sleeping, for relaxation, I will take it before bed and before my flight home.

“It just demonstrates to me how ludicrous it is that we continue to criminalise people who use cannabis” Norman Lamb

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