Whether you are one of the uber-bendy yogis who down dogs daily, or you are someone who just dabbles in the occasional Vinyasa, you might be ready to take your practice to the next level. That’s where CBD can come in.

It turns out, CBD and yoga can be a harmonious combination. From getting you in the right mindset to practice and meditate, to helping heal your sore muscles from too many yogi pushups, here’s why CBD may be your new trusty go-to.

Find your Shavasana

While getting into a meditative state comes naturally for some, others of us have a lot of trouble sitting still. Meditation is an important part of any yoga practice, though. So if you have trouble turning off the racing thoughts in your head, CBD can slow you down and let you enjoy some calmer vibes. If you experience anxiety, brain fog, or depression, CBD may benefit you, too.  

Get into the flow

Sometimes it can take 30 minutes or more before you feel like you’re focused enough to enjoy the class, right? For a one-hour class, that time can be crucial. CBD has some helpful benefits for your mind to get you yoga-ready. That includes helping clear your head and let go of stress so you’ll be ready to flow faster. Once you are in class, you’ll also feel more focused so you can power through until the last down dog sequence.

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