Hello. I’ve been asked to share my story about how medical marijuana has helped me.
Since my early 20’s (now early 40’s) I’ve struggled with what I thought to be ‘period issues’.
I began to accepted that I would cry uncontrollably for a week each month and would have to find a way to put up with that. I figured that my split second mood swings must be normal as I’d heard of other people being ‘moody’. I convinced myself that I was ‘just a bit mad sometimes’ and spent a lot of time feeling so guilty for hurting those around me with my moodiness and outbursts. I’d make up for this horrendous week, by exhausting myself, trying to make up for being horrid to people!!! How I’ve still got friends I don’t know but thankfully I have.
As I’ve aged, more so in the last 12 months, my hormonal issues have become harder to deal with. I’m generally healthy in all other aspects but my mental health has taken a battering over the years in reaction to trauma and I struggle with anxiety and sometimes a really, really low mood. So much so that recently, after 30 solid days of crying or being tearful, I went to the GP. Not a step I took lightly as I’m not a massive fan of pharmaceuticals being dished out within 30 seconds of being in the room!! And true to form, after breaking down completely, and after showing the GP my emotions diary she explained that 7-10 years (when I’m likely to reach menopause) of antidepressants will sort me right out.
Erm…… what?
I was diagnosed with Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, like PMS but cranked up psycho level. I could choose to induce menopause or take antidepressants….. FOR 10 YEARS!!!! What the hell would that do to my body and brain?
I asked what alternatives there were, what vitamins I should introduce, what holistic approach did they recommend? She actually rolled her eyes at me. It was a good job I was too shocked to react or I may be typing this from prison! Really, who sits there judging a patient for wanting to be healthy!! A patient with crazy mood swings too! Brave. Very brave.
I left that surgery, cried a lot, cried some more, then remembered I have wonderfully knowledgable friends I could ask for advice. I must admit I didn’t think the advise would be ‘ Look at your diet and shove these up your bum’.
That night I started a 3 week course of pessaries. I went to bed thinking “How on earth could inserting a cold little bullet into my butt sort my head out?” But amazingly the beautiful medicine knows just what to do.
The very next morning, as is the norm, I lay with my eyes still closed assessing my waking feelings. There were no tears for the first time in over a month. Good start. I tentatively tiptoed through the day careful not to ‘wake the beast’….. still no tears or urges to smash someone/something up.
The following days a really dark weight felt lifted and I was gaining back control of my emotions and my life. 6 months down the line and I’m doing quite well. If during my cycle I start to feel a little tearful I start the pessaries, usually 4/5 days does the trick. It’s scary to look back at how badly I was suffering and how intense it got. When I read of other women with PMDD being prescribed years of harsh meds, then other meds to counteract those, it’s heart breaking. I look forward to a time when the GP’s stop rolling their eyes and welcome this wonderful and amazing plant into their practice.