March 2020: ICBC Business Conference joins forces with Barcelona-based trade show Spannibis to take perfect position in the international cannabis events space. The global cannabis industry is watching Europe closely with anticipation as the canna market is taking shape there very quickly and investors know the potential of the market after seeing the boom in the US and Canadian

Barcelona as the host city is another example of how the Spanish Cannabis culture is becoming more desirable. The city is key in social innovation with the huge success of social club culture that is booming in Spain at the moment, with many saying it has long taken Amsterdam off the top spot as the canna tourism destination of choice in Europe.

 The interest in the market is becoming increasingly visible with attendance at the Cannabis focused event Spannabis growing to over 30k visitors last year. ICBC business conference have indentified this huge potential and opportunity, forming strategic partnerships with the biggest canna trade shows in Europe to create business-focused conferences preceding the trade event. Ingeniously this ensures the ICBC business conferences are able to provide a unique birds-eye-view of the industry globally and attract major industry players and decision makers to convene in one place.

I was drawn to ICBC Barcelona 2019 by the intelligently-designed roster of international speakers focussed around global industry issues ranging from supply chain developments and shifting legislative frameworks to social trends and medicinal breakthroughs.

Particularly useful for the European market is the presence of several leading Canadian and US companies who bring with them the insights from a more established market and the understanding of legislative change and market price fluctuation within both the black and white markets. This is where ICBC excels, bringing this knowledge base into the European sector and shaping an industry that is currently in its infancy.

The social environment created by trade events such as ICBC and Spannibis also play a key role by bolstering public support for legislative changes, whether patient advocacy groups, consumer market disruption or big investment from major international companies. All of these factors and more will be key in how cannabis finds its place in the next few years in Europe.

To quote international lawyer Omar Gifueroa at ICBC Barcelona 2019: “People don’t follow laws, laws follow people” Whilst this may sound optimistic, there are many threads that will effect how cannabis becomes common place both in our culture and public opinion. What Barcelona teaches us is that the public shift is happening before our eyes. In this way ICBC are fulfilling a crucial role in ensuring leading-edge insights from countries ahead of the wave take centre consideration within newly emerging territories, thereby creating an international feedback loop of experience and expertise that will help to ensure mistakes are not made twice and the global industry can expand exponentially to create the kind of liberated world we all want to see.