Luxembourg is set to make history by becoming the first European country to end the prohibition of cannabis.

The plan to legalise cannabis for recreational use was confirmed by Luxembourg’s Health Minister, Etienne Schneider.

The new law, which would permit residents over the age of 18 to legally purchase cannabis, is expected to come into effect within two years.

Luxembourg’s Government will regulate production and distribution of the drug via a “cannabis agency,” similar to how cannabis is dealt with in Uruguay.

Still in draft stages, further details of the new legislation outlining what strains, forms (edibles, flower, oil, etc.), and the level of tax to be imposed, are expected to be announced later this year.

Cannabis will be ‘decriminalised’ for youths aged between 12-17. While they will not face criminal prosecution for possession of 5 grams or less, those who go over this limit could face harsh penalties.

Cannabis campaigners are already voicing their concerns that the right to grow cannabis at home will not be permitted under the new law.

Luxembourg has already decriminalised possession of cannabis, and patients have had legal access to medical cannabis since 2017.

The move to legalise cannabis appears to have been influenced by Canada’s legalisation efforts over the past year

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