After an intensely emotionally stressful period in my life, and years of teaching in schools and neglecting my health, I developed two chronic skin complains. One persisted despite trying diets, Chinese medicine, supplements and various creams. The paleo auto immune diet made a big difference but it was hard to maintain. My skin kept me awake at night, I had to buy a new wardrobe and clothes and bedsheets were ruined as I’d scratch and it would bleed. I was miserable.

I visited a friend who I’d done a retreat with a few years before. I knew she knew a lot about plant medicine. She introduced me to a contact of hers and soon I began using CBD infused with coconut oil on my skin and taking capsules with it in.

For the rest time in years I felt more relaxed. I stopped scratching, when my stress levels did rise, I put rubbed the cream into my skin repeating affirmations of self-acceptance and healing. The difference in my comfort levels, sleeping and mental health were marked and even in the first 3 weeks, it was clear that the protocol was working.